Support DACA recipients:

Ericka calls our attention to two opportunities to support the immigrants in our community.

  • Centro Latino Americano needs volunteers for a clinic on September 23rd to assist current DACA recipients with renewal paperwork.  The first image below the need for volunteers for the DACA renewal clinic. The second ientifies the overall mission of Centro Latino Americano. You can find more information at the Centro Latino Americano website.
  • An initiative petition has been filed to reverse Oregon's current statute prohibiting use of state and local resources to enforce federal immigration law. Initiative Petition 22 (Stop Oregon Sanctuaries) has not yet been approved for circulation. Once approved, 88,000 signatures must be collected from Oregon voters in order for this initiative to move forward to the November 2018 ballot. Opposition to the measure can be expressed by declining to sign the petition. Details about the petition effort are available online.