Legislation: Past, Present, Future

As the new academic year starts, we have the opportunity to review recent accomplishments in the legislature and get involved in planning for the upcoming short session in 2018. Here are several places to look for more information. Please look beyond the Ceasefire event, which is first because of time-criticality, to find links to one recorded forum and one report.

Ceasefire Leads Discussion of Firearms Legislation

On September 26th, Ceasefire will host a discussion of the current status of firearms legislation in Oregon and at the federal level. Location is local in Eugene, but you will need to email Ceasefire for location details.


Oregon Women's Equity Coalition

A recording of the forum held on September 15th is available on facebook at this location. Representatives from the legislature, including our local representative Julie Fahey, and from organizations fighting for all aspects of women's rights, participate in a wide-ranging discussion of past legislative accomplishments and future objectives.

League of Women Voter's

And you can find the latest edition of the Oregon League of Women's Voters Legislative Report (September 2017) here.