Upcoming Days of Action

The following daylong activities are scheduled relatively soon in Salem in support of bills or agendas of interest to NOW:

  • April 29th, League of Women Voters Legislative Day (link). This is a daylong seminar that includes briefings on LWV research in different areas of legislation plus meetings with key representatives of the government. Last year in concluded with free time in which to go contact your own members of the legislature about the topics more important to you. It’s past the deadline for registration already, but these folks are an accommodating group. It’s possible you can still get in, especially if you’re willing to bring your own lunch.

  • May 15th, Moms Demand Action Advocacy Day 2.0 (link). Moms will be advocating for passage of HB2013, as described in a recent blog post, and SB978, the “omnibus” gun safety legislation that covers a variety of topics: safe storage of guns, a prohibition against printed guns, flexibility to allow merchants who sell guns to restrict the sale of certain guns to persons 21 or older, allows prohibition of firearms in certain public venues such as schools and commercial airports, to limit or prohibit the possession of firearms in those venues, and other measures. Details about the event are provided when you register.