Legislative Activities for 2018-2019

Legislative Activities

SWV NOW: 2018-2019


Key Legislative Achievement: Passage of Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act (HB2005)

·        Working with partners in the Fair Shot for All coalition, SWV NOW advocated for the passage of the FAMLI act through local meetings with legislators, attendance at town hall meetings, letter-writing and phone call campaigns, participation in legislative hearings, and on-site advocacy in the capitol building in Salem.

·        These efforts culminated when Governor Brown signed HB2005 on August 9th, at signing ceremony which representatives of SWV NOW were invited to attend


Key initiatives supported by NOW in 201s based on history, coalition agenda, and/or motivation from within NOW organization. Bills in green passed; red indicates there is more work ahead:

·        HB2005: Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance

·        HB2015: Driver’s Licenses for All.

·        HB2020: Climate Action Plan / Clean Energy Jobs.

·        HB2010: Extend funding for expanded Medicare.

·        HB3427: K-12 education reform and funding

·        SB978: Governor’s omnibus gun safety initiative.

·        HB2505: Bill for safe storage of guns, establishes penalties for failing to store guns in accordance with the law.

·        HB3145: Reform of public defender system (includes funding)

·        HB3427: Clarifies statute(s) on sexual orientation and makes it clear that sexual orientation is neither a physical or mental impairment.