March SWVNOW meeting and ideas

I'd like to toss out a couple of ideas for discussion at our next meeting, which will be Monday, March 6 at the Eugene Garden Club, 1645 High Street. It is on the right side of the street, and some lot parking is available as well as street parking. The time is still TBA until we get all of the new questionnaires input, but it will be relatively close to the time we have been starting. I am not opposed to pushing it later to 6 pm so that you have time to grab a coffee or a taco before the meeting starts. The Garden Club does have a kitchen, so there is a possibility of bringing some vittles if anyone is interested. If you are, let me know (email me).

At this meeting, I'd like to discuss the possibility of us having an actual social event to get to know one another. We are always so busy at meetings that it is difficult to make personal connections, and more than anything, we have such a great resource in one another. We have many members who are new to Eugene/Springfield, and I think this is a great opportunity to make connections and new friends. 

Additionally, I wanted to see what you thought of starting a SWVNOW Book Club. I just ordered Notorious RBG, a biography of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and was wondering if there was anyone out there who would like to join me in learning more about our superhero Supreme Court Justice. Any takers, let's talk about it at the next meeting. 

And just as a warning, I'm going to asking if anyone would like to be our Events Chairperson. If you have experience with event planning or even think you did a really great job at planning your wedding, we kinda need you.