Immediate Action Needed to Keep these Bills Alive!

Help to pass effective gun laws. The following gun bills introduced to the Oregon State Legislature need to be scheduled for a hearing by April 7th otherwise they die. Therefore, we need your immediate help to keep these bills alive. Call the members of the Legislature; tell them your name and that you are a member of the SWV Now.  Let them know you support the specified bill, because it is important for the safety of women and children and that you want them to schedule a hearing for the bill immediately.

SB868: Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) It creates a process for obtaining an ERPO prohibiting a person from possessing firearms when the court finds that person present an imminent risk, or risk in foreseeable future, of suicide or causing injury to other persons. It establishes procedures for a peace officer or family or household member of a person to apply for the order. It would potentially allow families and law enforcement to prevent tragedy by petitioning a court to temporarily suspend a person's access to firearms if there is documented evidence that an individual is threatening to him/herself or others.

This bill has been introduced in the Oregon legislature and referred to the Senate Committee on Judiciary on March 2nd, 2017. The chief sponsors are Senators Boquist (503-986-1712) and Burdick(503-986-1700). Phone calls can also be directed to Senate President Courtney (503-986-1600).

SB 1026: Child Access Prevention - It creates a crime of endangering a minor by allowing access to a firearm. It requires the gun dealer to post a notice concerning obligations to prevent minors from accessing a firearm without consent of the minor's parent or guardian. It holds the gun owner responsible if a minor accesses an unsecured gun. This bill had been referred to the Judiciary, then Ways and Means on March 20, 2017. Chief sponsors are Senator Riley (503-986-1715), Representatives Smith Warner (503-986-1445), Keny-Guyer (503-986-1446) and Regular Sponsor is Rep. Piluso (503-986-1450).

SB 797: Firearm Safety Package of 2017: Close Charleston Loophole; no guns for stalkers; close Dating Partner Loophole

It provides that conviction for stalking causes a person to be prohibited from possessing a firearm unless the person obtains relief from prohibition.

It closes the Dating Partner (boyfriend/girlfriend) Loophole. It modifies the definition of relationship status pertaining to types of court orders and misdemeanor convictions that cause a person to be prohibited from possessing firearms. Closing the loophole would allow an abused person who had been married to, living with, or had a child with an abuser to be protected. Currently dating partners lack protection under certain court orders and convictions for domestic violence. This bill was referred to the Senate Committee on Judiciary February 14, 2017. Phone calls can be directed to the Senate Judiciary Chair Sen. Prozanski (503-986-1704), Senate Judiciary Vice-Chair Thatcher (503-986-1713) and Senate President Courtney (503-986-1600).

Thank you for your support!

Legislative Committee-- Becky, Glenna and Faelynn