Monica Olson


Monica Olson is a mover and a shaker in the Eugene/Springfield area.


Kristine Chadwick

vice president

Dr. Kristine Chadwick is an education research consultant by day and political activist by night. She joined NOW in December 2016 but started her activism in college as a campus speaker for the San Diego Chapter of the National Abortion Rights Action League.  A transplanted Eugenian after spending a couple of decades back East, she is passionate about wine, food, and women's rights, though not necessarily in that order.


Ree Wearin


Cheri "Ree" Wearin is the Treasurer of the SWV chapter of NOW. Ree works at a local area non-profit as the staff accountant. When her husband passed four years ago, she saw it as a catalyst to move from corporate to non profit culture and ideals. After the 2016 election, she decided to continue the feminist legacy of her family and looked for a local NOW. When she didn't find one, she became one of the founders of the SWV chapter. 


Emma Swanson




Sarah Stoeckl

Diversity chair

Sarah Stoeckl is the Diversity Committees chair for the SWV NOW chapter, where she helms the organization's work in building chapter diversity and supporting diversity initiatives in the local area. In her day job she works in education technology, a field she moved into after completing a PhD on trauma in World War I and modernist fiction. She also enjoys climbing, hiking, biking, cooking, the local wine and beer scene, and snuggling dogs. Sarah joined NOW out of a passion to contribute to intersectional women's empowerment and to build community in the Eugene-Springfield area and beyond.


Barbara Miller

Membership chair

An enigma.

Angie for bio.jpg

Angie Towle

Budget and finance chair

A Southern California native, Angie set down roots in Oregon in 1998. She currently supports the department of Human Physiology at the University of Oregon as their Accounting Technician since 2013. When not on campus, Angie can be found at the Hult Center for the Performing Arts, where she has been a Head Usher for over 15 years.

When not working & volunteering she likes to crochet & knit, binge movies and TV with friends and when the weather warms up can be found camping and kayaking in Oregon’s great outdoors.


Erika Thessen

Reproductive Rights chair

Ericka Thessen runs the SWV NOW Instagram page and helps with the Diversity, Public Relations and Events teams. She has a passion for photography, activism and women's rights. She's a single working mom of three amazing kids and has a wonderful career in health care. Single working motherhood lead her to interests in fighting for working families and women. She was drawn to NOW after the election because she needed to be part of the tide of resistance. She is a sexual assault, HPV and cervical cancer survivor so she's a staunch supporter of women's health and reproductive choice and ending rape culture.


Becky Callison

Legislative Task Force Coordinator

Becky Callison is Legislative Task Force co-chair for this chapter of NOW. The task force functions to (1) communicate NOW legislative objectives to representatives and the community and (2) inform the chapter of relevant legislation in progress at local, state, and national levels. Becky grew up in South Carolina and lived and worked in Florida, New Jersey, and Seattle before settling in the Eugene area in 2016. She is a retired computer software and systems architect. Her involvement in politics and legislative action began in childhood, when her father was a member of the SC House of Representatives. Concerns motivating her involvement in NOW: (1) reproductive freedom issues because she came of age just before Roe v. Wade and worries about the growing threat to care and services, and (2) equal rights and opportunities in employment, based on a lifetime of experience in a male-dominated career field.


Rosanne Rankine

EVENTs Coordinator

Rosanne Rankine joined NOW in 2017. Rosanne was raised to be an activist by her amazing socially aware parents since she was a toddler. Rosanne coordinates Events, Public Relations, and Fundraising. Combining her experience in Event Coordinating and Promoting with her passion for Women's Rights, Rosanne feels that NOW is where she can make the most difference.