Agenda for april Meeting of NOW, South Willamette Valley Chapter

April 3, 2017, 6-8pm

Doors open at 5:30

5:30-6pm: Refreshments and snacks


  • Call for new attendees/sign in sheet

  • News since last meeting

  • Membership available at

  • Legislative committee update

  • Budget and Finance committee update

  • Diversity committee update

  • Celeste call for stories for newsletter

  • Susannah call for art for website

  • Call for Take Back the Night volunteers for outreach and fundraising/working with Women's Center at UO

  • Call for volunteers to assist in planning MayOpen House


  • Guest speakers Darci Heroy, Director of Title IX at the University of Oregon


  • Call for formation of committees: Violence Against Women and Reproductive Rights

  • Establishment of Open Group Discussion rules

  • Open Group Discussion


  • Intersectional feminism presentation by Dr. Margaret Rhee, University of Oregon, Q&A


  • Details about May Open House

  • Discuss possible book club

  • State NOW conference, Newport

  • Postcard Party - Ericka

  • Collection for personal hygiene products drive

  • Call for baked goods for UO Women's Center Bake Sale to fund Take Back The Night


  • Adjourn

Additional Notes: We will be on hand to help anyone who needs assistance in joining NOW either online (CC, Debit cards) or cash and check. Our membership dues are $40.